Happy Bosses Day, Shirley Lyons!

Last month, our wonderful boss Shirley Lyons was installed as the President of the Society of American Florists (SAF), a trade association representing the U.S. floral industry that has been around for 130 years. Not only is she their first woman president, she is also the first Oregonian to serve. What an accomplishment! And what an example to women! We are so proud of her!

Shirley’s love for her community and desire to touch lives and make everyday things just that much more special is  evident in the community contests and events Dandelions hosts, and the employees at Dandelions get to benefit from this great-heartedness up close. We get the everyday view of Shirley that not everyone sees, and for this Bosses Day, we wanted her to catch a glimpse of how we see her, a sense of who she is to us. Each staff-member at Dandelions picked a word or two to describe Shirley, so she’d know how special she is to us:

Working on Elton John’s flowers!

Juggling grand kids

“Dynamic, and an educator.” – Jodie

Big-hearted and generous.” – Brenda

“Energetic.” – Marie

“Simpatica y suave.” – ShariAnn

“World-traveler. “ – Tami

“Inspirational.” – Tovi

“Comedian.” – Julianne

“Motivated. Fun-loving.” – Martha

“Sympathetic.” – Diana

“Admirable.” Tammy

KMTR’s Job Swap with Jordan Steele

track meet

Making arrangements for the U. of O. Olympic trials.

“Passionate.” – Sophie

“Madame President! And Gregarious.” – Cindy

“Vivacious.” – Sharon

“Appreciative. She is grateful for our service in her company.” – Beth

“Driven.” – Chela

“lively, positive.” – Stephanie

To our boss, Shirley Lyons: Happy Bosses Day!

Shirley with Eugene Emerald’s Sluggo on Valentine’s Day.

Presenting Eugene’s Favorite Mom Contest winner with her prize.

Eugene’s Extraordinary Grandparent Winner

Congratulations to Eleanor Wallinder, our 2010 winner of Eugene’s Extraordinary Grandparent by Dandelions Flowers & Gifts. Eleanor, 94, was born in Idaho but spent much of her life in California before moving to Eugene to live with her daughter. Kristi Ruiz of Eugene nominated her grandmother because Eleanor “is the picture of everything you’d want to have in a grandma!” Kristi recalls “memories of her powerful yet humbly done ways of causing me to know she loved me and took the opportunity whenever possible to let me understand she ‘saw me’…she has become much more than just a grandmother but a true, loyal, caring, giving friend…She has faced a lot of challenges and even heartaches in her own lifetime, but uses these experiences to share hard earned insights about how to meet the various ‘tides’ life can bring. In spite of it all she remains gracious, warm, generous & upbeat. Thanking God in all the circumstances that come her own way & reminding us to be quick to do the same”. What an inspiration Eleanor is! Her love and dedication to her family truly makes her remarkable and a deserving winner for Eugene’s Extraordinary Grandparent. Kristi sums it up best, “She is GOLD!”

Thank you to everyone who entered a nomination! It was inspiring to read about all of the wonderful grandparents who give so much to those around them.

Honor the Extraordinary Grandparent In Your Life

Dandelions is looking for grandparents who are making a difference in their grandchildren’s lives. Nominate someone (or yourself) who is an extraordinary grandparent. Enter today and we’ll send your extraordinary grandparent a congratulatory email telling them you nominated them– which will make their day and earn you brownie points!! The winning nominee will be featured on dandelionsflowers.com and receive a fresh bouquet of flowers and balloons on September 10th!

Entries must be received by Wednesday September 8th. Click here to fill out your entry form.

Extraordinary Grandparents Entry Form pdf

All entries will be reviewed by an impartial panel of Dandelions Flowers employees. The winning entry will be announced on September 10.

Prefontaine Classic 2009

This Sunday, June 7, is the Prefontaine Classic here in Track Town USA: Eugene, Oregon.

The Prefontaine Classic is the premiere track & field meet in the United States, and the only stop in North America on the prestigious World Athletics Tour. The event is named after Eugene’s own Steve Prefontaine who, at the time of his death at age 24, was the best distance runner in America!

Our bouquets at the 2008 US Olympic Trials

Our bouquets at the 2008 US Olympic Trials

Dandelions Flowers was the provider of flowers for last year’s winner in the Prefontaine Classic as well as the 2008 Olympic Track and Field Trials. Go Track City! Flowers make the perfect victory lap no matter what the race!

Rose Giveaway was a Success!

Over the week leading up to Valentine’s, Dandelions gave away 11 dozen roses to winners from 2 radio station giveaways and our own in-shop sweepstakes. Below are a few of the 11 lucky winners who got roses just in time for Valentine’s!

We always have a sweepstakes going on and anyone can enter, no purchase necessary! Just go to http://www.dandelionsflowers.com! Next giveaway will be on March 15.