Best Friend’s Wedding

Recently I was in in my best friend’s wedding as well as did all the flowers. Doing friend’s weddings is always more stressful and at the same time so rewarding. It’s important to me that every wedding I do be perfect but it was even more nerve-racking to be in the wedding and see everything throughout the night.

Thankfully she chose beautiful flowers and beautiful colors. It made it a lot of fun to work on and easy to make it special. Hydrangeas were the core of everything we did (hydrangea blossoms down the pews, hydrangea blossoms in square cubes for the centerpieces, and of course in all of our bouquets).

The reception was held at the Country Inn and the huge cake was done by Sweet Life who always does a great job! I was introduced to a new dj, Bass is Loaded, who was probably the best dj I have witnessed as well as the photographers, New Morning Photography.