Shirley Lyons announced as president-elect for the Society of American Florists

We are so proud to announce that Dandelions owner, Shirley Lyons, AAF has just been named president-elect for the Society of American Florists (SAF).

Shirley has been involved as an industry leader for over 20 years and involved with SAF for over 10 years (including participating in the floral designs of the 2005 Presidential Inauguration) . This is the first time in the 127 year history of the society that a woman has been chosen as president-elect and we know that Shirley will offer the leadership that she has shown in her 37 years as owner of Dandelions Flowers & Gifts.

What is the Society of American Florists?? This is an organization that represents the ENTIRE floral industry in the United States from flower growers and wholesalers to retailers like us! Actually chartered by an act of Congress in 1884 the Society of American Florists has grown to encompass hundreds of American businesses and farms. We’re looking forward to what the future holds as Shirley continues her work as a great business-woman both here in Eugene and on the national level.

Researching the issues for Congressional Action Days

I am taking a break from researching the issues that we are presenting to our senators and representatives on Capital Hill tomorrow. The Society of American Florists has done a great job putting together position papers for us regarding the issues that affect us in the floral industry (and many other industries and small businesses out there). We are working on immigration reform, Agriculture jobs, the Estate Tax, and other issues that affect small businesses. It is a lot of information to take in but I am doing some additional research on my own to be as prepared as possible.

It was gorgeous weather when we arrived Friday evening but snowed a fair bit last night and is cold and windy outside. We’re florists, though, and made from tough stock so we can handle it.

In between meetings I have walked over to the White House a few times since it is only 2 blocks away and am taking a tour of Iwo Jima with James Bradley (author of Flags of our Fathers and Flyboys) later tonight. I am very tired from the last few days (6th cup of coffee in front of me right now) but know that the work that we are doing here for our industry and small businesses all across America is worth it.

Congressional Action Days

We are getting ready to head to Washington, D.C. to participate in the Annual Congressional Action Days. This is an opportunity for florists from around the nation to meet with their senators and representatives and discuss important issues facing the floral industry as well as small businesses in general.