A Thank You to the Administrative Professionals

Next week, many bosses, managers, business owners – will send flowers to the valued colleagues and employees who work so hard, taking on many responsibilities and projects, to help them meet their goals and fulfill their plans. This is because a smart leader knows that a little recognition for good work, and a word of thanks go a long way.sec week 3

More and more, the 24 hours we’ve been allotted in a day are so busy, they seem to fly by, and the little things that make such an impact on every day life are the first casualties of our hectic existence. We mean to make that phone-call and check up on that friend, but by the  time we get to it, it’s too late in the day. We are grateful for the help and hard work of those around us, and at some point plan on sending them a thank you card or gift, but something urgent and requiring immediate attention pops up, and that kind intention is moved to tomorrow’s schedule.bamboo sunshine

That’s why Administrative Professionals Week is so important! It’s a week’s worth of nudging to remind you to show appreciation to those who work so hard for you. Anyone who’s ever received flowers knows how delightful it is to accept that lovely, thoughtful package, and long after the flowers have faded, the memory of that gift continues to delight.

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Secretary’s Week Thank You Ideas

Photo used by Creative Commons from Flower Factor

Secretary’s Week (now called Administrative Professionals Week) is next week, April 23-27. It is a time to thank staff for all of their dedication and hard work that it takes to make a business run smoothly.  Showing appreciation boosts spirits in the office and flowers have been proven to increase productivity. A study by Texan A&M showed that productivity increased by 30% for both men and women when flowers were present. Flowers make people happy!  So what are you waiting for?? Here are some great productivity-boosting ideas…