Backyard Wedding at Fern Ridge Lake

Sometimes home is the best place to get married. A family venue holds emotional significance and is VERY budget friendly. My friends, Justin and Jennifer, were married on her family’s property that sat lakeside on Fern Ridge Lake in Veneta, OR.

lake wedding oregon

The bride and groom wanted a very family-friendly wedding and even encouraged guests to bring their swimsuits in the wedding invitation! The ceremony area was created with hay bale seating and wood logs down the aisle that held vases of flowers. A beautiful focal point was made using ribbons strung between two trees that overlooked the lake. A breeze picked up about the time the ceremony began which made the ribbons blow and looked very pretty.

ribbon ceremony

hay bale seating

The reception had long feasting tables with hay bale seating. The bride and groom had painted beer and liquor bottles in shades of silver, gold, taupe and brown and each held 1 or 2 blossoms of orange flowers and ferns. The color scheme was really important to them because the bride’s family had been heavily affected by cancer so they chose the orange to represent leukemia. Mini gerbera daisies, “Blah Blah Blah” dahlias, “Flame” mini calla lilies, “Peach Peony” garden roses, orange spray roses, and local maidenhair fern and sword fern were used for the ceremony and reception flowers.

DIY wedding centerpiece

  bronze, copper, gold IMG_0201

hay bale seating

It was a pleasure to decorate the area with flowers and attend the wedding. The bride and groom had gone up to Alaska a few weeks before and caught their own salmon that they served for dinner which was delicious! Justin left most of the wedding decisions up to Jennifer- his only caveat was that he got to choose what he wore. So…the groom and groomsmen kept it comfy and casual in shorts and button-up shirts. The bride and bridesmaids all carried brooch bouquets that glittered and shone against the rustic backdrop. Congratulations, again, Justin and Jennifer!


DIY brooch bridal bouquet



Charlotte and Thane

Over Labor Day weekend I designed for a wedding that was my favorite this season. This was partly because of the gorgeous mix of colors and flowers but mostly because Charlotte, the bride, was such a doll. I enjoyed working with her and her family on her bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and wedding flowers. Charlotte gave me free range when it came to flower varieties- she just wanted the overall look to be colorful…but muted. I spent many nights lying in bed contemplating the perfect combination to create the color palette. Trying to achieve a feeling that colors had been left out in the sun and faded took some thought. Many flower varieties (especially dahlias and garden roses) vary in color intensity throughout the growing season so I constantly had my eye on what the growers were bringing each week to make sure my selection was correct.

Since the wedding was at Deep Woods, which is a rustic venue, I wanted the flowers to feel at home in that atmosphere. Maidenhair fern, rosemary and sage as greenery brought in the woodsy feel and aspidistra leaves added a more upscale feel to the centerpieces. Charlotte’s bouquet included: “Juliet” David Austen roses, “Flame” mini calla lilies, magenta freesia, purple veronica, magenta carnations, green cymbidium orchids, “Jitterbug” dahlias, “Pooh” dahlias, zinnias, cockscomb and more.


The reception centerpieces were each slightly different but a fantastic mix of colors and seasonal flower varieties. Charlotte also had bathroom flowers, bar flowers and buffet table flowers. Down the aisle I placed single blossoms of dahlias with colored burlap ribbon twirled inside the hanging vases. Instead of a traditional flower arch that is usually seen on wedding arches or pergolas blossoms of cymbidium orchids, roses and carnations were strung to create flower garlands. This looked great and added to the modern but rustic feel.

A huge THANK YOU to Charlotte for letting me be a part of your big day and Congratulations!