Bucks for Pearl Buck

Pearl Buck Center is a great organization here in Eugene that assists those with developmental disabilities with vocational, recreational and educational programs. March is National Disabilities Month and local businesses, including Dandelions, sell “Pearl Bucks” for $1 each to help raise money to fund these programs.

pearl buck center eugeneThere are 3 main programs at the Pearl Buck Center. Their preschool provides education and support to children of parents with disabilities. They also have vocational training and job placement to help those at Pearl Buck learn skills and attain independence and, through independence, a great sense of self-esteem. The LEAP (Life Enhancing Activities Program) creates opportunities for those with developmental disabilities to explore creative expression using art, reading, film & music, dancing, gardening and more.

These programs rely heavily on volunteers but need financial assistance to maintain their high quality that they provide. The Pearl Buck Center doesn’t just contribute to the lives of individuals but to the whole community as well. Show your support and put your name on the Pearl Bucks you purchase! At Dandelions, you can purchase a Pearl Buck when you are in the store, placing an order over the phone or choose it as an add-on item when ordering online!

pearl bucks

Bucks for Pearl Bucks 2013

March is National Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, and once again the Pearl Buck Center is partnering with local businesses, including Dandelions, to raise awareness and support for those of us in our community who live with, or are affected by developmental disabilities. Pearl Bucks at Dandelions

The Pearl Buck Center  works with people born with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and autism, to name a few,  nurturing these individuals so that they are able to function and be contributing members of society.

The businesses involved are offering Pearl Bucks for customers to buy as a contribution to support the cause. All you have to do is come in and buy a Buck! Pearl Buck

Here’s a link for a list of the businesses involved: http://www.pearlbuckcenter.com/images/stories/national%20dd%20awareness%20month%202013%20-1.jpg

To learn more about the Pearl Buck Center and find out about opportunities to volunteer, check out their website at http://www.pearlbuckcenter.com/.

To learn more about developmental disabilities and how the state of Oregon is involved, check out the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities website at http://www.ocdd.org/.