Backyard Wedding at Fern Ridge Lake

Sometimes home is the best place to get married. A family venue holds emotional significance and is VERY budget friendly. My friends, Justin and Jennifer, were married on her family’s property that sat lakeside on Fern Ridge Lake in Veneta, OR.

lake wedding oregon

The bride and groom wanted a very family-friendly wedding and even encouraged guests to bring their swimsuits in the wedding invitation! The ceremony area was created with hay bale seating and wood logs down the aisle that held vases of flowers. A beautiful focal point was made using ribbons strung between two trees that overlooked the lake. A breeze picked up about the time the ceremony began which made the ribbons blow and looked very pretty.

ribbon ceremony

hay bale seating

The reception had long feasting tables with hay bale seating. The bride and groom had painted beer and liquor bottles in shades of silver, gold, taupe and brown and each held 1 or 2 blossoms of orange flowers and ferns. The color scheme was really important to them because the bride’s family had been heavily affected by cancer so they chose the orange to represent leukemia. Mini gerbera daisies, “Blah Blah Blah” dahlias, “Flame” mini calla lilies, “Peach Peony” garden roses, orange spray roses, and local maidenhair fern and sword fern were used for the ceremony and reception flowers.

DIY wedding centerpiece

  bronze, copper, gold IMG_0201

hay bale seating

It was a pleasure to decorate the area with flowers and attend the wedding. The bride and groom had gone up to Alaska a few weeks before and caught their own salmon that they served for dinner which was delicious! Justin left most of the wedding decisions up to Jennifer- his only caveat was that he got to choose what he wore. So…the groom and groomsmen kept it comfy and casual in shorts and button-up shirts. The bride and bridesmaids all carried brooch bouquets that glittered and shone against the rustic backdrop. Congratulations, again, Justin and Jennifer!


DIY brooch bridal bouquet



Recent Weddings at Dandelions

This amazing tan orchid with pink veins looked amazing in this bouquet

An orange and pink bridal bouquet for a “Hawaiian” theme wedding

Although it was a Hawaiian themed wedding, the bride wanted more traditional flowers so we brought in white freesia that were reminiscent of plumeria

These unique tan and pink orchids brought a touch of tropical

The starting bouquet created in shades of green including hydrangea, green trick carnations, sedum, rosemary, poppy pods, green chrysanthemums, ti leaves and a moss orb.

The light green Mega Beaded wire intertwined in this bouquet added a touch of modernity for the bride who likes a little something different

Adding in more natural elements like the curly willow, eucalyptus pods and seed pods turned the green bouquet into a natural and earthy statement.

Stem wrap treatment using 2 shades of bullion wire

Three shades of carnations combined to make this bridesmaid’s bouquet. Grouping the colors together keeps it from looking like polka-dots

A great way to differentiate a bridal or maid of honor bouquet is to add a touch of glam with jewels or crystals

I love this Diamond Wrap that can be used on a stem wrap, around vases or applied to corsages & boutonnieres

A traditional combination of roses and hydrangea get an natural makeover with grasses and pods

Adding interesting foliage keeps these hydrangeas from looking to rounded for this bride who wanted a looser, more natural feel

Green, peachy-coral and purple bridesmaid’s bouquets

One of my favorite bridal bouquet creations to date…the David Austin roses in this were just stunning!


Color Trend 2012: Tangerine Tango

The official Pantone Color for 2012 is Tangerine Tango (17-1463)! This red-ish orange color has a lot of depth and seduction; Yet it is also vibrant and energetic!  Using this color immediately to add a statement! Reminiscent of the radiant shadings of a sunset, Tangerine Tango marries the vivaciousness and adrenaline rush of red with the friendliness and warmth of yellow, to form a high-visibility, magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. This combo of red and yellow makes this color versatile and a great accent color. For the a little more brave, you may choose to paint a wall in Tangerine Tango or use it to offset other colors in your wedding or event. Hues of orange have been favored for the past few years in weddings as shown below…

Photo used under Creative Commons from secondsister

Photo Courtesy of JK Photography in Salem

Fall Bridal Bouquets

If you’re planning a fall wedding the season is quickly approaching. The colors in autumn are so gorgeous and September/October weddings here in Oregon tend to be fantastic. Yes, the weather in October is a bit dicey…but the leaves!! So pretty. Here are some ideas and inspiration for wedding bouquets if you are exchanging vows this fall.

A beautiful mix of tropical flowers with dahlias and sunflowers

Sunflowers are available in both standard and minis- combine both sizes for more interest

Shades of orange gerbera daisies, carnations, roses and alstromeria

Fiery orange tones are quite stunning against the champagne and ivory dresses

The miniature calla lilies are used to create the in-out look for more interest and texture

Haley didn't want white for her bouquet and chose a larger version of her bridesmaids' bouquets

I love the combo of blue and orange (Photo by Blue Castle Photography)

Photograph by Blue Castle Photography

Weddings: July 9, 2011

This last weekend was FULL of weddings here in Eugene. We worked on the flowers for 4 weddings for Saturday, July 9. Congratulations to all of our couples who said “I do”. The colors and the flower choices were as varied as the couples but all were beautiful and fun to work on.

Miranda Dellinger

This wedding was full of strong colors including red and orange for the ceremony in Elmira, OR.  The bridal bouquet incorporated dahlias, gerbera daisies, roses and alstromeria. There was also a beautiful arbor arrangement that Roseann created.

Rebecca Jensen

Rebecca loved the two tones of roses that created more texture in her wedding bouquet that also included pure white gerbera daisies. The bridesmaids carried a smaller version of the same bouquet.

Lexi Terry

Marie whipped up this beautiful bouquet for a last-minute bride who chose blue iris, white gerbera daisies (do you notice a theme for this weekends’ brides??) and other white flowers.

Leah Yeager

Leah wanted only gerbera daisies for her country wedding at Deep Woods Events in Elmira, Oregon. All of the corsages and boutonnieres were made with miniature gerbera daisies and the girls carried smaller versions of the bridal bouquet which was solid gerbs.

Prince Wedding

Photo by JK Photography

This last weekend Kelly Boseke married Charles Prince in beautiful Vida, Oregon. Summer finally showed its face and gave gorgeous weather to this sweet couple. Kelly was wonderful to work with and her bright color choice definitely reflects her sweet and vivacious personality.

"Circus" Rose Bridal Bouquet

Kelly choice Circus roses for her main flower. Her wedding bouquet is strictly Circus roses and was a statement on its own. Corsages & boutonnieres were made with both orange roses and orange mini gerbera daisies.  Her daughters (18 years old & 9 years old) wore more modern wrist corsages with wire bracelets.

My idea board for Kelly's flowers

JK Photography from Salem, Oregon posted some teaser photos and they captured the new couple beautifully. Check out their photos here…

Orange mini gerb corsage on a custom made wire bracelet


Traditional Rose Pin-On Corsage

Photo by JK Photography

Kelly's beautiful bridal bouquet

Photo by JK Photography

Photo by JK Photography