Make it for Mom 2014

It’s quickly approaching that time year when we celebrate the wonderful women in our lives we call “Mom.” Every year, the Saturday morning before Mother’s Day, we open our store to as many children who will come and help them create their very own personal mini-floral arrangements to present to Mom the next morning.
MIFM 2009

This year, the 18th year of this annual event, Make it for Mom will be Saturday, May 10th from 10:30am to noon. The kids will have a marvelous time making arrangements with a personal touch that only they can add; the adults will receive a $5.00 in-store coupon to go towards any purchases they make that day; and any donations we receive will go 100% to the Relief Nursery.

Mark your calendar so you and your kids don’t miss out.

MIFM 2013

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Annual Make It For Mom

Every year Dandelions offers a kids a FREE chance to make their very own flower arrangement for mom, grandma or anyone special in honor of Mother’s Day. Bring your kids on Saturday, May 11 to Dandelions at 1710 Chambers St. Eugene, OR between 10:30-12 for this fun event! The kids love having something they made themselves to give to mom. They get to choose their flowers and we help them design a pint-sized bouquet complete with a card. What could be cuter? Mark it on your calendar and come by!

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