Alternatives to roses for Valentine’s Day

Roses for Valentine’s Day, right? It doesn’t have to be.

Although roses are the traditional flower choice for Valentine’s Day there are a myriad of choices to express your love.

If You Want to Stay with Red:

F260_13Red is the color of love so choosing a flower in this color still holds the implied message.  Tulips are a popular choice and they have such a unique nuance about them. Tulips continue to grow after their stems are cut so they take on a life of their own, changing each day.

valentines flowers eugene, orGerbera daisies are refreshing and cheerful. Their deep red hue looks amazing in a mixed, traditional bouquet or designed in a contemporary, modern fashion.

Valentines Vase arrangementsCarnations are ideal for a traditionalist and come at a fraction of the price. Steer clear of babies breath and ask for the carnations to be created in a low container for an updated look.

A mixed red bouquet can include a variety of flowers that are available including alstromeria, carnations, hypericum berries, gerbera daisies, or ranunculus.

If You Want to Impress with Modern Elegance:

tropical flowers delivered eugene unique valentines flowers eugene, or Tropical flowers are the perfect way to send something different. They are incredibly long-lasting and have fun colors and textures. Personally, I think a vase of all orchids looks stunning all on its own. Heart-shaped anthurium and ginger come in Valentine’s colors but any tropical arrangement will be impressive.

large valentines bouquets flowers delivered eugene, orvalentines bouquets eugeneHydrangea is also a great choice with its fluffy, cloud-like blossoms. Soft white hydrangea paired with pink or red flowers is elegant and can fit into any budget.

F250_13After roses, stargazer lilies are the most popular flower choice for Valentine’s Day. Their sweet fragrance fills the air and they have a beautiful pink color.

Easter Flowers

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I feel like spring is officially here with the arrival of Easter. Easter is so early this year and I’m very excited for all of the spring blooms that come with it! Spring flowers of daffodil, tulips, ranunculus, and hyacinth … Continue reading

Flower Astrology: Libra Horoscope Sept 24-Oct 23

Zodiac Sign: Considered by many to be the most desirable of the zodiac signs, because it represents the zenith of the year when the harvest of spring’s hard work is reaped, the Libra – with its symbol of the scales – personifies perfect balance and harmony. Romantic and charming, those born under this air sign are naturally kind and gentle.

Birth Sign Flower: With their strong wooden stems and lacey, star-shaped pom-poms, hydrangeas personify the balance of opposites – a fitting choice for Libras. Symbolizing heartfelt sincerity and the giver’s gratefulness for a recipient’s understanding nature, a hydrangea flower arrangement also captures the Libra’s thoughtful and gentle disposition. Associated with the scales of justice, Libras thrive on balance in all aspects of their lives. They’re intelligent, pleasant, and charming, but if you rub a Libra the wrong way, her tendency toward anger might surface. Keep your Libra balanced with lucky bamboo, or even a bonsai tree, to care for.

Hydrangea Season

Hydrangeas are one of my favorite summer flowers. They are very long-lasting and come in an array of spectacular shades. We are receiving quite a few today in both white and green but hopefully in some of the pinks or purples that are so beautiful.

a mid-tone purple hydrangea

a mid-tone purple hydrangea

An arrangement of all hydrangeas is really stunning and can be quite affordable. A simple square vase with a few hydrangea and greenery can be as little as $25. Or you can create a “WOW” impression with a fun vase with hydrangeas flowing out the top! Perfect for someone who likes the clean and modern look or for the Martha Stewart enthusiast.

Cut stems of hydrangeas can last over two weeks when cared for properly. They require a constant water source and if yours becomes limp and droopy, give the stem a fresh underwater cut and place it in warm water. The blossom should perk right back up.