Recycle Vases @ Dandelions

We’re doing it again!! Recycle Week at Dandelions will be August 22-27. Bring in your gently used vases and containers and we’ll say thank you with gift certificates for you to spend! Dandelions ALWAYS uses recycled vases and containers but during Recycle Week here at Dandelions we are giving you an extra incentive to bring in your leftovers!

During the week of August 22-27 bring in your gently used vases (no chips or cracks, please- those are best fully recycled to create new glass products) and containers and receive a FREE $5, $10 or $15 gift certificate for your donation!

5-10 vases= $5 gift certificate

11-20 vases= $10 gift certificate

21+ vases= $15 gift certificate

Here at Dandelions we strive to have the least impact possible on the earth. Flowers are nature’s gift after all and we want to preserve their beauty! In addition to our vase recycling program we also recycle all of our green waste, paper & cardboard, and buy local product whenever we can!