2013 Eugene’s Extraordinary Grandparent(s)

Sunday, September 8 is Grandparents Day and what better way to celebrate than to honor a grandparent you know by nominating them for Eugene’s Extraordinary Grandparent(s). NOMINATE NOW!

Eugene Grandparents Day Contest

This contest seeks to find grandparents in the Eugene/Springfield area who go above and beyond the “normal” duty of grandparenthood. The grandparent(s) nominated in the winning entry receive a wonderful plaque, flowers and balloons courtesy of Dandelions. Click Here for your nomination form.

Entries are due by Wednesday, September 4, 2013. Entries can be faxed to 541.484.9303, emailed to toviana@dandelionsflowers.com or dropped off at Dandelions Flowers & Gifts (1710 Chambers St., Eugene, OR 97402)

Grandparents Day

2013 Eugene’s Extraordinary Grandparents Pat & Frieda (center) with, from left, Brian, Avery and Trisha

Winner Announced: 2012 Eugene’s Extraordinary Grandparents

We received twice as many nominations as last year making the selection process for this year’s winner even MORE difficult. There are so many wonderful stories about the grandparents in the Eugene/Springfield community that we wish we could award them all! Each grandparent that was nominated does receive a copy of the nomination as well as a gift certificate to Dandelions because we believe they are all special and deserving of recognition.

This year’s winners, however, were Pat and Frieda Eaker of Eugene who were nominated by their daughter-in-law Trisha. They were so surprised when we arrived at their door and family and neighbors looked on as they received their honor. Congratulations to such a wonderful couple and the 2012 Eugene’s Extraordinary Grandparents!!

Grandparents Pat & Frieda (center) with, from left, Brian, Avery and Trisha

Following is a copy of Trisha’s nomination:

“Pat & Frieda both come from large Italian families- they have always wanted grandchildren.  Their son (my husband) did not get married until he was 46- we were able to have 1 grandchild for them. Her name is Avery and she will be 5 in Oct. When Avery was born Frieda quit her job to stay home and help raise little Avery- as I am a working mom. Each day Frieda goes out of her way to create learning moments and memories by doing:

– gardening: teaching Avery to plant and harvest

– cooking: both meals and treats

– holiday events: always decorating the house, making cookies, gingerbread houses, decorating and hiding eggs, special ornaments for the tree.

She reads to Avery and has writing lessons to practice her alphabet. She has taken her to dance lessons, Dr. appointments, and birthday parties when I could not. They have never said NO- EVER! And deserve to be thanked…”

Nominate a Grandparent! 3rd Annual Eugene’s Extraordinary Grandparent

We love celebrating the awesome individuals here in our community that make an impact in other’s lives. The purpose of the Eugene’s Extraordinary Grandparent contest is to honor grandparents who are active in the lives of their family. Each year, a panel chooses a grandparent (or set of grandparents) from the nominations to be awarded the title “Eugene’s Extraordinary Grandparent”, a floral bouquet and balloon bouquet from Dandelions.

Submit your nomination today!!

Entries due Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2010 Winner Eleanor Wallinder


2011 Winners Diane & Ted Dearborn

2nd Annual Eugene’s Extraordinary Grandparent

Dandelions is hosting the 2nd Annual Contest for Eugene’s Extraordinary Grandparent(s). Nominate your grandparents or a grandparent you know who makes a difference in the lives around them for a chance to win the 2011 title just in time for Grandparent’s Day on September 11th.

The winning nominee receives a fresh floral arrangement and balloon bouquet from Dandelions and a certificate framed for display. Entries must be received by Wednesday September 7 so download your form here.

The winner (and the person who nominated them) will be notified by September 9.

For official contest rules click here.

Eugene’s Extraordinary Grandparent Winner

Congratulations to Eleanor Wallinder, our 2010 winner of Eugene’s Extraordinary Grandparent by Dandelions Flowers & Gifts. Eleanor, 94, was born in Idaho but spent much of her life in California before moving to Eugene to live with her daughter. Kristi Ruiz of Eugene nominated her grandmother because Eleanor “is the picture of everything you’d want to have in a grandma!” Kristi recalls “memories of her powerful yet humbly done ways of causing me to know she loved me and took the opportunity whenever possible to let me understand she ‘saw me’…she has become much more than just a grandmother but a true, loyal, caring, giving friend…She has faced a lot of challenges and even heartaches in her own lifetime, but uses these experiences to share hard earned insights about how to meet the various ‘tides’ life can bring. In spite of it all she remains gracious, warm, generous & upbeat. Thanking God in all the circumstances that come her own way & reminding us to be quick to do the same”. What an inspiration Eleanor is! Her love and dedication to her family truly makes her remarkable and a deserving winner for Eugene’s Extraordinary Grandparent. Kristi sums it up best, “She is GOLD!”

Thank you to everyone who entered a nomination! It was inspiring to read about all of the wonderful grandparents who give so much to those around them.

Honor the Extraordinary Grandparent In Your Life

Dandelions is looking for grandparents who are making a difference in their grandchildren’s lives. Nominate someone (or yourself) who is an extraordinary grandparent. Enter today and we’ll send your extraordinary grandparent a congratulatory email telling them you nominated them– which will make their day and earn you brownie points!! The winning nominee will be featured on dandelionsflowers.com and receive a fresh bouquet of flowers and balloons on September 10th!

Entries must be received by Wednesday September 8th. Click here to fill out your entry form.

Extraordinary Grandparents Entry Form pdf

All entries will be reviewed by an impartial panel of Dandelions Flowers employees. The winning entry will be announced on September 10.