BRA-VO! Bras for a Cure – The Results

The votes for Bras for a Cure are in and finally counted – and if you’ve been wondering how to find out which decorated bra won and what the fundraising results were, here’s how: On Monday, November 5th, the Willamette Valley Cancer Institute and Research Center will be hosting BRA-VO! – the Bras for a Cure final showcase, where the entries will be on display one last time, and where the winners of the contest and the fundraising results will be announced!

So here’s what you need to  know to be there:

Everyone is welcome! Come and hear the results first-hand, and bring a friend.

Final Round of voting for Register Guard’s Readers Choice Award

The final round is happening NOW for the Eugene Register Guard’s Readers’ Choice Awards. Readers vote for their favorite local businesses, vendors and locations! Our voters got us through round 1 with 4 other florists and now we need your help to make us #1! You can vote every day until March 11. The “Favorite Florist” category is under the Business and Retailers section. Click here to vote!