Elton John Concert in Eugene, OR

Shirley and our manager, Tami, headed out to the Elton John concert on Thursday nights with an amazing view of the stage. They said it was absolutely spectacular and Sir Elton put on a stellar performance. At the end of the show he even took the white rose Tami handed him and held it up to the crowd! He signed both Tami and Shirley’s tickets (see picture) and they captured a guitar pick thrown out to the crowd. Here are a few shots from the concert and a little video, too…

Tami & Shirley (with husbands) don Elton-esque glasses

Sir Elton signs Shirley & Tami's tickets

Elton says "thank you" to Eugene

Elton slides across the piano & then picks up our rose

Shirley's autographed Elton John ticket

Dandelions designs flowers for Elton John

Sir Elton John is in Eugene, OR tonight for a stop of his “Greatest Hits Live” Concert Tour. Dandelions Flowers was thrilled to be asked to create floral designs for Elton’s dressing room and lounge. This is one of the first major events at the Matthew Knight Arena and Elton’s first trip to Eugene. They asked for simple and chic cubes of roses and an elegant, vibrant vase bouquet in style with Elton’s personal flowers in his home.  We had so much fun working with them and look forward to working with them in the future!

Shirley even got her groove on while helping to design with Elton-esque glasses!!