Colorful Winter Houseplants

Bring the garden inside this winter with a selection of bright, beautiful winter-flowering houseplants.

Cylcamen are a delicate plant perfect for any cool windowsill. As it grows it is best to place the plant on a saucer and water from underneath rather than directly on the plant. Remove any spent blooms and it will continue to flower throughout the winter. The blooms of this plant are guaranteed to fill your house with their strong perfume.

Azaleas usually produce in bright pink and purple flowers but also come in white and a deep pinkish-red. Keep deadheading it and it should flower for about 6 weeks. A good plant for a cool room. Water sparingly with lime-free water (rainwater is best) and occasionally feed with cold, black tea. Avoid placing next to radiators as this will dry out the foliage and may kill the plant.

Add a touch of the exotic to your house with the winter-flowering cymbidium orchid. Originating from Asia, the long stems carry impressive, tropical-looking flowers. Although it’s a houseplant, it does need a spell outside in the summer in order to stimulate it to flower in the winter months. It requires a bright but slightly cooler area in the house.

Kalanchoes are a blooming plant in the succulent family and are known for their robustness and their ease to grow. They enjoy rich, free draining soil with minimal water and are ideal for a bright sunny window.