The Dande-gals celebrate the holidays (in November!!)

I know, I know. It was technically still November when all the Dande gals got together for our annual Christmas party but we like to think of it as the official start of Christmas Season! There was quite an age span (with Shiloh at 8 months and Marian at 76) and lots of laughter and memories!

Our two Tams (Tammy & Tami) Shiloh steals the limelight

Shirley regaled the group with her annual interpretation of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas which is always a howler! Delicious food was eaten, gifts exchanged and a few carols sang (with a Dandelions twist, of course!).

Shirley leads lunch with her right hand galLooking for more goodiesShiloh and mom, Toviana

Now we can focus on the centerpieces & Christmas bouquets that will fill our dreams until Christmas day. The shop becomes its own little Santa’s Workshop as all the girls crank out beautiful flowers to brighten everyone’s homes.

Tis the Season!!

Roseann takes Shiloh for a spin All the activity wears Shiloh out and she takes a nap