Earn Bonus Points with Your Boss!

Here in the United States there is such a variety of “holidays” that it is hard to keep track of them all. Bosses Day (October 16th) and by extension, Bosses Week, is one worth noting on your calendar every year, no matter what kind of workplace environment you are employed in.  A gift from the office could really mean a lot to your boss. It doesn’t have to be expensive- we have lots of budget friendly gift ideas including plants, flowers, chocolates and Duck gift baskets.

moonstruck chocolates Corporate Flowers

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If your employer is the kind that really works hard to create a positive work environment and shows leadership and care for his / her staff, let them know, and make it a great day at the office!



Happy Bosses Day, Shirley Lyons!

Last month, our wonderful boss Shirley Lyons was installed as the President of the Society of American Florists (SAF), a trade association representing the U.S. floral industry that has been around for 130 years. Not only is she their first woman president, she is also the first Oregonian to serve. What an accomplishment! And what an example to women! We are so proud of her!

Shirley’s love for her community and desire to touch lives and make everyday things just that much more special is  evident in the community contests and events Dandelions hosts, and the employees at Dandelions get to benefit from this great-heartedness up close. We get the everyday view of Shirley that not everyone sees, and for this Bosses Day, we wanted her to catch a glimpse of how we see her, a sense of who she is to us. Each staff-member at Dandelions picked a word or two to describe Shirley, so she’d know how special she is to us:

Working on Elton John’s flowers!

Juggling grand kids

“Dynamic, and an educator.” – Jodie

Big-hearted and generous.” – Brenda

“Energetic.” – Marie

“Simpatica y suave.” – ShariAnn

“World-traveler. “ – Tami

“Inspirational.” – Tovi

“Comedian.” – Julianne

“Motivated. Fun-loving.” – Martha

“Sympathetic.” – Diana

“Admirable.” Tammy

KMTR’s Job Swap with Jordan Steele

track meet

Making arrangements for the U. of O. Olympic trials.

“Passionate.” – Sophie

“Madame President! And Gregarious.” – Cindy

“Vivacious.” – Sharon

“Appreciative. She is grateful for our service in her company.” – Beth

“Driven.” – Chela

“lively, positive.” – Stephanie

To our boss, Shirley Lyons: Happy Bosses Day!

Shirley with Eugene Emerald’s Sluggo on Valentine’s Day.

Presenting Eugene’s Favorite Mom Contest winner with her prize.

Bosses Day Contest

Going to work isn’t usually on the list of “I can’t wait to do this” things. Having a good work environment and a supportive boss, however, can really turn an obligatory part of life into an enjoyable experience that creates relationships and nurtures personal growth.  A good boss can truly change your life.  Author Jeff Haden writes about the qualities that make up a remarkable boss in his article for Inc. Magazine, “8 Ways to Be a Truly Memorable Boss”, including believing in his employees, expecting great things, showing sincere emotions and encouraging the personal and professional growth of his staff.

2010 Winners Sandy and Dr. John Park

2010 Winners Sandy and Dr. John Park

We have seen many of these qualities in the bosses that have been nominated over the years for Eugene’s Best Boss. Our goal is to honor these bosses that go above and beyond- not just being a good boss, but a remarkable one.  Here are some of the criteria our judges are looking for when choosing the 2013 Eugene’s Best Boss:

  • shows leadership to staff
  • is empathetic with staff needs
  • develops a culture within the office of caring and mutual respect
  • works to build skills and individual success with staff
  • creates a warm and friendly workplace environment
  • promotes group unity and team spirit
  • demonstrates a cheerful and positive attitude in spite of workplace pressure they are facing

Nominate your boss here for a chance for them to win our Eugene’s Best Boss Package for Bosses Day: Flowers & balloons from Dandelions Flowers & Gifts with an engraved plaque for their desk. Entries are due Friday, October 11. Download your entry form here.


2012 Eugene’s Best Boss Bruce McKinnon


Nominate Your BOSS!

Bosses Week is quickly approaching and Dandelions is now accepting nominations for 2012 Eugene’s Best Boss! Nominations are due by next Wednesday, October 10 so download your entry form here.

Tell us why your boss is amazing. Be specific- how do they motivate staff, encourage employee camaraderie, and set an example? We truly want to find an inspiration employer who deserves this recognition!

Here is what the winner receives at the surprise announcement on October 16:

  • a beautiful fresh flower arrangement
  • Happy Bosses Day balloon bouquet
  • delicious Euphoria Chocolate truffles
  • framed 2012 Eugene’s Best Boss Certificate

Downloadyour entry form and submit it by email (toviana@dandelionsflowers.com), fax (541.484.9303), or drop it off at Dandelions (1710 Chambers St. Eugene, 97402)

2009 Eugene’s Best Boss Dr. Andy Bennion

2010 Winners Sandy and Dr. John Park

2011 Eugene’s Best Boss: Gena Yarbrough

2011 Eugene’s Best Boss Announced

It is always inspiring to read about the bosses who create great work environments for their team during our annual contest to find Eugene’s Best Boss.

Gena Yarbrough (center) with her nominating staff

Eugene’s Best Boss for 2011 was named Tuesday during a grand reveal to Gena Yarbrough of Oregon Medical Group. We received a total of 9 individual entries for her nomination and it was clear that her staff valued and appreciated the leadership Gena brings to their job. Here are some comments that were made about Gena:

“Gena is the best boss because she is friendly and easy to talk to about anything…I have never seen her mad. She keeps the clinic running as smooth as possible. Even when she has a hundred things going on, she will stop to listen to us.”      

The news team at KVAL was along for the big surprise and really made Gena feel special. Check out the video here…

Gena with Toviana from Dandelions

In addition to Gena, we selected two runners-up for the title: Jay Carter, a principal at Maple Elementary School in Springfield and Donna White, a manager at Windermere Real Estate.

Jay Carter, from Maple Elementary School, with his nominating staff

Donna White receives her finalist certificate from her team at Windermere Real Estate

2nd Annual Best Boss Giveaway


It’s our 2nd Annual Eugene’s Best Boss! Dandelions is giving away a great package for one lucky and deserving boss this Bosses Day! Eugene and Springfield area businesses can enter to win a Bosses Day package including flowers, Euphoria Chocolate truffles, and balloons by submitting this entry form by Wednesday, October 13! The winning entry boss will be surprised with the gift package on Friday, October 15 for Bosses Week!

Click here for nomination form

2009 Winner Dr. Andy Bennion

Check back to see who won and why their staff felt that they were so deserving!

Bosses Day Giveaway Winner

Thank you everyone for your great entries to our 1st Annual Bosses Day Giveaway! We had a great response and it was a tough decision to choose a winner. We awarded the prize to Dr. Andy Bennion, an orthodontist here in Eugene. He was presented with a floral bouquet, Euphoria Chocolate truffles, and a balloon bouquet on Wednesday, October 14!

Read what his staff had to say about him:

“We feel our boss deserves this award because he supports us in the jobs that we do and with our decisions, he acknowledges us when we do a good job. We never feel anxiety if our child is sick or we are sick and can’t make it to work, he says family is first. Not only is he great to us but also to the community. He donates several pro bono cases to low income families that need braces, he donates his time coaching several different sport teams and is very active with his church. Last week we came to work on a Thursday and at our huddle he gave us all envelopes and rented a van and told us to trust him. We all loaded up and he took us to the Woodburn outlets. When we opened the envelopes there was $200 and he told us to have fun. On the way home he treated us to a great dinner and paid us for the days ‘work’. This is just one of the many great things he does for us. If that is not the BEST BOSS we really would not know what is!”

Bosses Day Giveaway

Best Boss Giveaway Form

Dandelions is giving away a great package for one lucky and deserving boss this Bosses Day! Eugene and Springfield area businesses can enter to win a Bosses Day package including flowers, Euphoria Chocolate truffles, and balloons by submitting this entry form by Friday, October 9! The winning entry boss will be surprised with the gift package on Bosses Day: Wednesday, October 14!

Check back to see who won and why their staff felt that they were so deserving!