Bob Welch Book Signing Event at Dandelions

Bob WelchLast month I wrote about local author Bob Welch‘s recently published books “Cascade Summer: My Adventure on Oregon’s Pacific Crest Trail” and “52 Little Lessons from It’s a Wonderful Life” that we have for sale here in our store. I mentioned then that Dandelions would be hosting a book-signing for Mr. Welch this month. Well, we have a date:

When:     Tuesday, December 18th, from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

Where:   Dandelions Flowers and Gifts at 1710 Chambers St. Eugene, OR, 97402

Join us here at Dandelions at as we host this exciting event, and take advantage of the opportunity to meet Bob Welch. Not only will these autographed books be great to pick up for yourself, but they’ll also make a wonderful present during this holiday gift-giving season.

Also, all Dandelions merchandise will be 20% off during the book-signing.

Be sure not to miss this opportunity!!

Author Bob Welch’s New Books

Eugene’s own Bob Welch, a columnist for the Register Guard has just had 3 of his books hit the market, and we have two of them –   “Cascade Summer: My Adventure on Oregon’s Pacific Crest Trail” and “52 Little Lessons from It’s a Wonderful Life” – for sale here at Dandelions. Why is a flower shop talking about books, you might wonder? Well, firstly because literature (like floral design) is a form of art. Secondly, because Eugene is a small town, so when someone from our community excels, we want to back them up as much as we can. Also, Bob Welch will be having a book-signing in our store in early December. As soon as we have the date, we’ll let you know.

These are his three books that were released this fall:


In “Cascade Summer: My Adventure on Oregon’s Pacific Crest Trail” Bob Welch tells of his experience hiking Oregon’s 450 mile portion of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2011. “52 Little Lessons from It’s a Wonderful Life,”  is a heartwarming collection of 52 life lessons from the Christmas classic Its a Wonderful Life, and “Resolve: From the Jungles of Bataan, the Epic Story of a Soldier, a Flag, and a Promise Kept” tells the story of a WWII soldier’s tenacious survival in the jungles of the Phillipine Island Luzon. Click on each of the covers above to read an excerpt from the books.

Here’s a little about Bob Welch : He’s not just an award-winning columnist for the Register Guard (and had his articles published in the Los Angeles Times, Sports Illustrated and Readers Digest, to name a few), he’s also authored 15 books, some of which have won him awards and accolades in the literary world. His book American Nightingale, about World War II nurse Frances Slanger convinced Massachusetts Legislature  to honor her with a plaque in the Nurses’ Hall in the Boston State House.

So if you’re looking for a good read, these books are some great places to start. They also make fantastic Christmas presents!! You can read more about Bob Welch on his website