Happy Bosses Day, Shirley Lyons!

Last month, our wonderful boss Shirley Lyons was installed as the President of the Society of American Florists (SAF), a trade association representing the U.S. floral industry that has been around for 130 years. Not only is she their first woman president, she is also the first Oregonian to serve. What an accomplishment! And what an example to women! We are so proud of her!

Shirley’s love for her community and desire to touch lives and make everyday things just that much more special is  evident in the community contests and events Dandelions hosts, and the employees at Dandelions get to benefit from this great-heartedness up close. We get the everyday view of Shirley that not everyone sees, and for this Bosses Day, we wanted her to catch a glimpse of how we see her, a sense of who she is to us. Each staff-member at Dandelions picked a word or two to describe Shirley, so she’d know how special she is to us:

Working on Elton John’s flowers!

Juggling grand kids

“Dynamic, and an educator.” – Jodie

Big-hearted and generous.” – Brenda

“Energetic.” – Marie

“Simpatica y suave.” – ShariAnn

“World-traveler. “ – Tami

“Inspirational.” – Tovi

“Comedian.” – Julianne

“Motivated. Fun-loving.” – Martha

“Sympathetic.” – Diana

“Admirable.” Tammy

KMTR’s Job Swap with Jordan Steele

track meet

Making arrangements for the U. of O. Olympic trials.

“Passionate.” – Sophie

“Madame President! And Gregarious.” – Cindy

“Vivacious.” – Sharon

“Appreciative. She is grateful for our service in her company.” – Beth

“Driven.” – Chela

“lively, positive.” – Stephanie

To our boss, Shirley Lyons: Happy Bosses Day!

Shirley with Eugene Emerald’s Sluggo on Valentine’s Day.

Presenting Eugene’s Favorite Mom Contest winner with her prize.

2011 Eugene’s Best Boss Announced

It is always inspiring to read about the bosses who create great work environments for their team during our annual contest to find Eugene’s Best Boss.

Gena Yarbrough (center) with her nominating staff

Eugene’s Best Boss for 2011 was named Tuesday during a grand reveal to Gena Yarbrough of Oregon Medical Group. We received a total of 9 individual entries for her nomination and it was clear that her staff valued and appreciated the leadership Gena brings to their job. Here are some comments that were made about Gena:

“Gena is the best boss because she is friendly and easy to talk to about anything…I have never seen her mad. She keeps the clinic running as smooth as possible. Even when she has a hundred things going on, she will stop to listen to us.”      

The news team at KVAL was along for the big surprise and really made Gena feel special. Check out the video here…

Gena with Toviana from Dandelions

In addition to Gena, we selected two runners-up for the title: Jay Carter, a principal at Maple Elementary School in Springfield and Donna White, a manager at Windermere Real Estate.

Jay Carter, from Maple Elementary School, with his nominating staff

Donna White receives her finalist certificate from her team at Windermere Real Estate