Color Trends Part 2: Festival

Festival Color Palette

1. Sunflower 2. Delphinium 3. Chrysanthemum 4. Tulip 5. Gerbera Daisy 6. Sarape Mexican Blanket via Ebay 7. Art Pop- by Walter Fedyshyn via Flower Factor Flickr 8. Lisianthus


  • bold, bright colors: turkish sea blue, vermillion orange, capris, fresh green, vibrant yellow, ensign blue, shocking pink, lavender
  • international flair (think Dia de los Muertos, Ikat and South West patterns)
  • Bill Schaffer, AIFD, AAF, PFCI says, “This is about party, it’s about fun”

Festival is an explosion of color in hot, bold hues. There is nothing shy or subdued about these colors or probably the individuals who choose to use them! With global influences and a bohemian base, this look is the perfect extension for a bride or party planner with a quirky, casual style. Lots of detailed accents like feathers, beads, ribbons or yarn combine with bright colored flowers for a visual sensation.


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