Fun, new merchandise: Forever Flowers

We love to promote and support local businesses, and one of these is a mother-daughter team based out of Springfield, OR, and they make the most beautiful, intricate flowers…out of beads.

Shyvonne Moore and her daughter Elexess started their company – Forever Flowers – two years ago. This creative product rose (pun intended) out of a hobby of Shyvonne’s: she loved beading. Shyvonne would get ideas from beading books and put her own twist on them, so for the last 10 years, she’d make delightful beaded art as gifts for friends and family.  When they decided to go into business, they came up with the name “Forever Flowers” because they could provide a product that doesn’t die, and isn’t easy to break.

Our customers love these fun, beaded blossoms, not only because of the careful detail they display, but also because they’re so versatile:

You can wear them as a bright hair accessory!

And for this past Homecoming season we were able to use them as a base for some unique wrist-corsages:

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