Grandparents! God’s gift to children

The past weekend was National Grandparents Day and at Dandelions Flowers we love to celebrate the wonderful things that people do everywhere and spotlight some of those great stories.   We sponsor a contest every year, Eugene’s Extraordinary Grandparent, ( and people nominate through essays and pictures about the wonderful grandparents in their lives.   Our only regret is having to select just one for the honor. But each nominee gets a copy of their nomination to let them know of the love and affection that others have shared.

This years entries included artwork from a class of  5 year olds with a note “I like the way my grandma snuggles”, and “I like how my grandpa polishes rocks” to touching stories of an elderly grandparent who discovered his special needs grandchild was suffering from abuse by addicted parents and so took in this child with severe disability and cares daily for his needs.  Grandparents who drive 60 miles round trip to work daily and yet never miss a soccer game, or birthday celebration..and the list goes on. 

Our judges this year had, as always a difficult choice, but selected a special Grandmother, Betty Jo Phillips who “befriended” a young family several years ago, when the children under 3 years old, who had lost all their “natural” grandparents at such a young age.   She  “selected us” said the mother of the children, and stepped in to fill this important role in their lives and has done so for many years.  This past year, the young father of these children needed a stomach transplant and Betty Jo assisted with 8 weeks of “live in ” care every weekend (and mid week care too, cheering them on at games and events) as the parents were up in Portland at OHSU for medical issues and recovery.  The young mother Daleasha nominated Betty Jo with a heart of gratitude
“She is the best grandparent anyone could ask for!  She has swim parties, sleepovers and provides ‘special grandma hours” to be certain that each child has their own “special” grandma time.  

A wonderful tribute to the touch of grandparents on the lives of our next generation!   Image

Betty Jo Phillips and her family with the title of “Eugene’s Extraordinary Grandparent 2013”


One of several special nominations by  4 &  5 year olds  “I love you Grammy”

(Each child received a vase of flowers to take home to their grandparents!…we just couldn’t let that pass..and our judges felt touched by every entry)  


We think grandparents make our lives bloom!



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