Bras for a Cure: How to Submit an Entry

Did you hear about Bras for a Cure and want to submit a decorated bra but aren’t sure where or how? Here’s the info you need and important dates to keep in mind. What is Bras for a Cure? Learn more here.

“Bedazzled Boobies”

1. Decorated bras may be submitted following any theme but must be appropriate for viewing by all ages
2. All designs must be named
3. Any bra size and type is eligible
4. All entries must be original- not copied from similar contests
5. Pre-registration is requested or at Dandelions Flowers, 1710 Chambers St., Eugene, OR (541.485.1261)

how to enter bra
1. Decorated bras must include entry form and $10.00 entry fee
2. Checks should be made payable to the
The Willamette Valley Cancer Institute
Foundation, Inc.   ( WVCI Foundation)
3. Individuals or groups may submit multiple entries, with a $10.00 entry fee for
each entry.
4. Entries become the property of Dandelions Flowers upon submission but are gladly returned to the decorator upon request.

5:00 PM on Saturday, October 19, 2013
Submit entries at Dandelions Flowers & Gifts
1710 Chambers St. Eugene, OR 541.485.1261

100% of funds raised go directly to the WVCI Foundation which offers assistance to cancer patients here in Lane County

2nd Annual Bras for a Cure

Bras for a CureI LOVE this event where bras are fun, creative, whimsical and put to a really darn good use (besides their other, traditional good use)!

Dandelions is again hosting the Bras for a Cure event showcasing decorated bras from members of the community (women & men) to raise awareness and support for cancer patients and their needs through the Willamette Valley Cancer Institute Foundation here in Eugene.

100% percent of the proceeds of this event go directly to Willamette Valley Cancer Institute Foundation where the money is used to offer help to cancer patients who may need assistance with housekeeping, lawn mowing, wigs, transportation and more.

How to Get Involved:

Submit a Bra!

Decorated bras can be submitted to Dandelions by Saturday, October 19 with a $10 registration fee. Bras can be any theme (as long as it is suitable for viewing by all ages) so get creative! Last year’s entries ranged from whimsical and inspiring to downright funny! Bras for a Cure Registration Form

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Attend the Reveal Party!

Voting is open to the public October 21-31 during regular business hours at Dandelions but the most fun way to vote is to attend the Reveal Party.  On Tuesday, October 22 from 5-7pm (at Dandelions) bring your friends, daughters, co-workers or fly solo and enjoy wine tasting and refreshments while viewing all the creative entries. There will be plenty of staff on hand to help you place your $1 votes. Many attendees last year placed $5, $10 or $20 votes on their favorite bras. Every $1 = 1 vote so $20= 20 votes!

Bras for a Cure REVEAL Party Debbie with the Willamette Valley Cancer Institute Bras for a Cure Reveal Party Success!! reveal party 006

Grandparents! God’s gift to children

The past weekend was National Grandparents Day and at Dandelions Flowers we love to celebrate the wonderful things that people do everywhere and spotlight some of those great stories.   We sponsor a contest every year, Eugene’s Extraordinary Grandparent, ( and people nominate through essays and pictures about the wonderful grandparents in their lives.   Our only regret is having to select just one for the honor. But each nominee gets a copy of their nomination to let them know of the love and affection that others have shared.

This years entries included artwork from a class of  5 year olds with a note “I like the way my grandma snuggles”, and “I like how my grandpa polishes rocks” to touching stories of an elderly grandparent who discovered his special needs grandchild was suffering from abuse by addicted parents and so took in this child with severe disability and cares daily for his needs.  Grandparents who drive 60 miles round trip to work daily and yet never miss a soccer game, or birthday celebration..and the list goes on. 

Our judges this year had, as always a difficult choice, but selected a special Grandmother, Betty Jo Phillips who “befriended” a young family several years ago, when the children under 3 years old, who had lost all their “natural” grandparents at such a young age.   She  “selected us” said the mother of the children, and stepped in to fill this important role in their lives and has done so for many years.  This past year, the young father of these children needed a stomach transplant and Betty Jo assisted with 8 weeks of “live in ” care every weekend (and mid week care too, cheering them on at games and events) as the parents were up in Portland at OHSU for medical issues and recovery.  The young mother Daleasha nominated Betty Jo with a heart of gratitude
“She is the best grandparent anyone could ask for!  She has swim parties, sleepovers and provides ‘special grandma hours” to be certain that each child has their own “special” grandma time.  

A wonderful tribute to the touch of grandparents on the lives of our next generation!   Image

Betty Jo Phillips and her family with the title of “Eugene’s Extraordinary Grandparent 2013”


One of several special nominations by  4 &  5 year olds  “I love you Grammy”

(Each child received a vase of flowers to take home to their grandparents!…we just couldn’t let that pass..and our judges felt touched by every entry)  


We think grandparents make our lives bloom!



A hidden Gem in Buena Vista Oregon

buena vista trip (6) buena vista trip (1) buena vista trip (5) buena vista trip (8) buena vista trip (12) buena vista trip (20) buena vista trip (26) buena vista trip (28) buena vista trip (31) buena vista trip (33) buena vista trip (40) buena vista trip (42) buena vista trip (46) buena vista trip (48) Looking for a delightful floral treat and a hidden gem on a Sunday drive ?  On a recent outing to track down some family history we discovered a lovely floral surprise in Buena Vista, Oregon.

My sister and I heading north from on I-5 took the Ankeny Hill  exit 243 (about an hours drive)  and headed West to learn more about a family member of previous generationslong was a Ferryman  at the Buena Vista Ferry. (We are descendents of the Taylor Family, as in Taylors Ferry Rd in Portland)  The Buena Vista Ferry, still running daily every 5-10 min at Buena Vista is one of the oldest Ferries still crossing the Willamette River for well over a hundred years.  The beautiful farm land and rolling hills to approach the ferry was worth the drive alone, but heading with our car across the sparkling river on the ferry, where I saw a steelhead come up for a tasty fly, and osprey fishing along the banks, we completed the quick passage and departed the Ferry to drive up a small hill.  A few blocks distance our way to Buena Vista House, a B&B where we were to spend the evening, and were surprised to behold a gem. The quaint Buena Vista Flowers, a wonderful wooden building with gabled roof and welcoming colorful signs and flowers abounding  at the top of the “Ferry Road” just a few blocks from the Ferry was such a surprise as we crested the rise in the now very small, but once  turn of the century bustling city of Buena Vista.

The wonderful wooden doors were unlocked and tin buckets of hand tied floral bouquets were in water in colorful assortments.  The chalkboard sign indicated that we could take our pick, and leave the money on the counter or mail it later.  We felt as if we had stepped into another time and place. Cozy, warm and inviting, unpretentious and fun.   While we thought while in the flower shop and enjoyed the wonderful ambiance and fee, that we had  “seen it”, but then as we took pictures of the delightful window sills and abundance of colorful pots cascading with blossoms, we decided to wander down a small path between the lush beds of flowers and discovered that the darling flower store, was just a tiny bit of the gardens. We wandered about enjoying the quaint décor and discovered the beautiful 2 acres of immaculate gardens hosting well over 100 varieties of seasonal blooming flowers, and foliages to delight us around every corner. As we explored we came upon additional buildings hosting pots of tins, mason jars wonderful old sinks and pots and blooms of all types and more and more flower beds all in bloom from delphinium to celosia to zinnas in a riot of color and beauty.

As it turns out, the owners  Mary Dean & Ian Cordner, who also live on the property were not there, but spend their Saturdays selling mixed bouquets of their beautiful local blooms at The Salem Farmers Market and other outdoor venues in the surrounding areas and always leave an assortment for the locals to purchase, whether they are “home” or not.   It is an “honor” tradition from a byegone day, and so very lovely.

Our destination was really only a few steps away at the small B&B “Buena Vista House” where our hostess Claudia welcomed us with a similar fashion of “here is the key” I’m headed out for groceries, as we were the only guests in the wonderful cozy home filled with treasures, snuggly beds and a moment to step back in time in this wonderful tiny town nestled steps away from the Willamette River.  The surrounding area, once bustling with trade and commerce before the railroad moved 3 miles away, are rolling wheatfields and farms, pioneer cemetaries lovingly tended on the top of knolls and while less than 15 min from Interstate-5 hustle and bustle, you felt as if you had stepped back  in time and were just 8 miles from Independence and Monmouth where restaurants and commerce await in small towns that still bustle in this quaint rural area.

If you are looking for a lovely days drive, a summertime treat for the senses in riding the ferry crossing

($3 for cars including occupants)  and the visual treat of Buena Vista Flowers, this is just a gem waiting for discovery.