Spectacular & Unique Wedding Shoes

Ok, if you are looking for shoes that add a little pizazz to your ensemble you need to check out the shoes by Walkin on Air. This fabulous footwear is ideal for wedding shoes but I would totally rock them for a night out or even with my favorite jeans. They come in a variety of colors and shoe styles all with hand-applied lace embellishments. They even have a cute lace headband that would be great for a vintage wedding.

The team behind Walkin on Air are best friends, Liz and Jennae, from the Twin Cities area in Minnesota. They work with their customers to make sure the right style and fit are chosen for each customer and occasion. Check out some of my favorite styles below or check out their Facebook page here! Happy shopping!

664612_409128705824927_316368870_o 169693_366354740102324_1579663097_o 340667_242700475801085_1616334096_o 467852_318606471543818_678080036_o 472413_324109760993489_824221445_o 531485_361824453888686_1412299664_n

All pictures courtesy of Walkin on Air

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