Winner Announced: 2012 Eugene’s Extraordinary Grandparents

We received twice as many nominations as last year making the selection process for this year’s winner even MORE difficult. There are so many wonderful stories about the grandparents in the Eugene/Springfield community that we wish we could award them all! Each grandparent that was nominated does receive a copy of the nomination as well as a gift certificate to Dandelions because we believe they are all special and deserving of recognition.

This year’s winners, however, were Pat and Frieda Eaker of Eugene who were nominated by their daughter-in-law Trisha. They were so surprised when we arrived at their door and family and neighbors looked on as they received their honor. Congratulations to such a wonderful couple and the 2012 Eugene’s Extraordinary Grandparents!!

Grandparents Pat & Frieda (center) with, from left, Brian, Avery and Trisha

Following is a copy of Trisha’s nomination:

“Pat & Frieda both come from large Italian families- they have always wanted grandchildren.  Their son (my husband) did not get married until he was 46- we were able to have 1 grandchild for them. Her name is Avery and she will be 5 in Oct. When Avery was born Frieda quit her job to stay home and help raise little Avery- as I am a working mom. Each day Frieda goes out of her way to create learning moments and memories by doing:

– gardening: teaching Avery to plant and harvest

– cooking: both meals and treats

– holiday events: always decorating the house, making cookies, gingerbread houses, decorating and hiding eggs, special ornaments for the tree.

She reads to Avery and has writing lessons to practice her alphabet. She has taken her to dance lessons, Dr. appointments, and birthday parties when I could not. They have never said NO- EVER! And deserve to be thanked…”

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