What fresh flowers are ok for allergy sufferers?

Allergy sufferers have a hard enough time if they live here in Eugene where the pollen collects like crazy. Just because you know someone who has allergies doesn’t mean you have to abandon the gift of flowers! True, the joy of many flowers is their delicious fragrance they give off but there are options for people who have allergies to still be able to breath easy.

Roses: In addition to being one of the most popular flowers, roses don’t produce pollen. Although roses from the garden are typically very fragrant the varieties that most florists carry have little or no scent.

Carnations: In addition to the traditional colors and varieties of carnations, there are neat, new varieties that can be used in modern arrangements. Green trick carnations and Florigene carnations are both unique.

Sunflowers: Available late spring and summer when allergies seem to hit the hardest, sunflowers are a bright & cheery pick-me-up


Delphinium: Available in both light and dark blue, delphinium is a floral favorite. From weddings to everyday occasions, this bloom is beautiful.

Tulips: Since they lack any scent, tulips are a wonderful choice for allergy-sufferers.

Hydrangea: Lush and full blossoms are available in white, green, blue, purple and pink. Either combined with other flowers or grouped together, hydrangeas are always a hit!

Orchids: There are many different varieties of orchids available: dendrobium, oncidium, mokara, cymbidium and more. They are elegant and chic.

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