The Dande Girls

In honor of Floral Design Day, February 28, we would like to put the spotlight on our wonderful and talented floral designers – a crew of great gals we like to call the Dande Girls!

Years Floral Designing: 24
Floral Design Style: Gardeny
Favorite Flower: David Austin Roses

Years Floral Designing: 23
Floral Design Style: Natural
Favorite Flower: Agapanthus

Years Floral Designing: 19
Floral Design Style: Colorful
Favorite Flower: Lilac

Years Floral Designing: 9
Floral Design Style: Traditional
Favorite Flower: Dahlia

Years Floral Designing: 4
Favorite Flower: Hibiscus

Years Floral Designing: 7
Floral Desing Style: Modern
Favorite Flower: Ranunculus

Years Floral Designing: 40
Owner, Dandelions Flowers & Gifts
President-Elect at Society of American Florists

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