Flower Trends: Modern Flowers


Bye, bye baby’s breath Big, bunches of flowers are passé. Instead, choose deceptively simple modern floral arrangements for the urban lifestyle.

Minimalism has gone mainstream.

It’s been growing steadily from roots in traditional ikebana, the Japanese floral art with meticulously structured designs in which every leaf, branch and petal is symbolic and based on the principle of three mountains.

Today’s modern designs are more about aesthetics, though, than symbolism. Architecture, interior design, and fashion have moved towards edgier and simpler concepts.

These designs are more artwork than just simply adding flowers together.  They are often sculpture that only appear to be simple yet require a trained eye and design technique. Unique angles, groupings, texture & intricate combinations are behind the movement towards these arrangements.

Tropical or unique flowers are often featured in modern designs but everyday & common flowers can be utilized in this style, too. The newer “Green Trick” carnation is right at home in a funky, edgy style. Other traditional flower choices can be made new and fresh by grouping them or combining them with interesting foliages.

So next time you place an order BE BRAVE and try something different. We’re pretty sure you’ll like it!

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