How to water an orchid plant

Since orchids have a reputation for being persnickety and water is usually the main issue I thought I would throw out a few tips on watering your orchid to make it a bit easier. For more in-depth information visit the American Orchid Society.

Overwatering will kill your orchid much more surely than underwatering.

Bottom Line: When in doubt, dry it out.

Orchids like a drier soil than other plants so when in doubt, leave it dry. Too much water can cause the roots to rot which means the plant cannot suck up nourishment. There are 2 easy ways to check the soil to see if it is wet or not.

1). Pencil trick: prick a sharpened pencil into the soil and if the wood darkens it is wet enough.

2). Stick your finger in. If it feels wet, it is wet.

Water your plant in the morning so that it has time to fully evaporate throughout the day. It is best to water in the sink (for about 15 sec) and then allow the plant to fully drain. Orchids in standing water= bad news.

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