Valentine’s Day Flowers Made Simple

Roses are certainly the #1 hit for expressing love for Valentine’s Day. There are many other beautiful flowers, however, that also convey romantic feelings.


Orchids: Suggestive of beauty and seduction, orchids are ideal for Valentine’s Day. They have an opulence to them that is so luxurious.




Tulips: Ideal alone or tucked in with other flowers tulips are very popular. One of the unique things about tulips is that they continue to grow after cut which is why they tend to take on their own shape.



Lily: These ancient flowers come in many varieties…

Peruvian lilies (alstromeria), calla lilies, oriental lilies, asiatic lilies & stargazer lilies.




The most romantic flower, of course, is the one that she claims is her favorite. Knowing what her favorite flower is and using it to express your love. If this flower is unusual make sure to let your florist know in plenty of time so that they can obtain it for you.

Although specific flowers have meanings of love or are popularly associated with love, ALL flowers say “I’m thinking of you” in a way nothing else can. Proven to boost moods, flowers are a sure bet.

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