Green Trick Carnations

One of the really cool new green flowers that is coming on the market is the “Green Trick” Carnation.  I saw these at the Society of American Florists New Varieties competition in Phoenix last year and we also carried some here at Dandelions just this past week.  They are wonderful if you like fun bold designs and a unique look.  Everyone will say “what is that?”  It does not look like a typical carnation at all.

This flower is definitely the hot flower for the season!!

Green Trick  has an exceptionally long vase life of 2 to 4 weeks and is extremely versatile. A favorite for weddings, modern arrangements and bouquets, corporate and event work. The availability of the Green Trick Carnation is best in Spring and Summer and slightly limited in Autumn and Winter.

Take a look at this fun new flower!!!  It’s not your grandmas flower anymore!

4 thoughts on “Green Trick Carnations

  1. Dianthus barbatus Green Trick ‘Temarisou’
    Do you know who sells this plant in the US???
    Thank you for any help.
    Sincerely, Connie Pierson

  2. I am personally not familiar with which US growers may now be beginning to grow this product. However, I have a friend who is a grower of cut carnations in Florida, Eric Nissen at Sunshine State Carnations in Hobe Sound, FL. They are a grower, who distributes cut flowers to floral wholesalers in the US. He may be a resouce for you and know where the plant itself may be purchased, or if it is available on US markets yet. Their phone number is (772)546-3000. Hope this may be of assistance to you.

  3. Hello,
    I heard that you may have information on how to obtain a dianthus trick plant. Please let me know. Do you know if it is possible to grow this plant from a cutting?

  4. Thanks for your inquiry! The Green Trick Dianthus is such a cool flower. Because it is such a new variety, however, I haven’t seen it available as a plant yet. It is grown primarily in Holland and Australia and due to its popularity I’m sure it won’t be long until nurseries are carrying them. It’s certainly worth a shot trying to root a cutting! One of our employees seems to root almost anything. Good luck!!

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