Pre Game Action with ESPN

Duck and Beaver fans came in color to buy roses and patiently waited for a moment of fame with the ESPN camera rolling. Duck fans sang for the camera a rousing chorus of the Duck Fight Song with quackers going, while the Beaver fans made sure the “Go Beavers” sign was quietly waving behind them in camera view! We appreciate our fans who came out for the action. The footage will be aired during the game with other local “highlights” of team spirit.

The Autzen Stadium voice of the Ducks, Don Essig and his lovely singing wife Janet were here for the action (remember….as Don says, “It never rains in Autzen Stadiuim”) and Don shared stories with Aaron Fredrickson, a great Beaver fan as we snapped their photo of the friendly rivalry. We are on to Game Day Tomorrow! So it’s time for serious game faces! Go DUCKS!

Civil War Smiles

Cameras roll while Duck Fans sing the Fight Song

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