How to Pin on A Boutonniere

Remember that you pin on a boutonniere the same way that flowers grow!

The stem goes DOWN and the flower head points up, and they are worn on the mans LEFT lapel

It is a fun part of your prom experience to pin the boutonniere on your date, so use both hands and laughter.

Slide your left hand under the lapel where the boutonniere will be pinned (so you don’t pin your date and have him bleed on you! )

With your thumb, hold the flower in place on top of the lapel, (with your fingers underneath the fabric)

With your right hand, pin from your right to your left, use the pin to first “catch” a piece of the fabric under the pin, then when it comes up, poke it though the stem of the boutonniere and out the other side, then poke it under the fabric again (by your left hand, and up through the fabric. Make sure it is nice and secure so it doesn’t fly off at dinner. (A second pin is always a good idea!) Most of all have fun!!!red-rose-w-bb-bout

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