Corsage Bling

Exciting new bracelets and bling are available to hold your prom wrist corsages this year! Click here to view corsages! Fun jewels, mesh and sequin keepsake bracelets will be in stock next week just in time for prom. Break from the crowd and do something different…Even wear your corsage on your ankle!

Get some extra bling with jeweled wristlets!

Get some extra bling with jeweled wristlets!

A corsage technically refers to the bodice of a dress where, during the 19th century, flowers were worn. Today a corsage is more typically seen worn on the wrist or pinned onto a jacket.

Ankle Corsage

Verigated Cat Grass

Wow! What a cool new item this is!  A fun verigated grass that is planted and can grow indoors or in your garden.  This is a NorthWest plant and grown in Cottage Grove.  We are the only supplier in Eugene, Oregon this week, just in time for Easter.  We can deliver it in Eugene for you too! Order here… A great Easter treat and really inexpensive, but lots of fun.


A healthy diet for your cat includes a balance of highly digestible real meat, vitamin-rich vegetables, antioxidant-packed fruits, and fiber. Fiber is included in many quality foods to aid digestion and assists with weight control. If you observe your cat eating grass or other plants, it is not necessarily an indicator of a nutritional deficiency. Your cat may be simply satisfying a craving.

Allow your cats to munch on this for improved digestion.

Allow your cats to munch on this for improved digestion.

Cat grass grows fast and is easy to care for. It costs very little, and provides a renewable resource of enjoyment for your cat. A chemical-free, controlled source of fiber, indoor cat grass is a worry-free option.


How to Pin on A Boutonniere

Remember that you pin on a boutonniere the same way that flowers grow!

The stem goes DOWN and the flower head points up, and they are worn on the mans LEFT lapel

It is a fun part of your prom experience to pin the boutonniere on your date, so use both hands and laughter.

Slide your left hand under the lapel where the boutonniere will be pinned (so you don’t pin your date and have him bleed on you! )

With your thumb, hold the flower in place on top of the lapel, (with your fingers underneath the fabric)

With your right hand, pin from your right to your left, use the pin to first “catch” a piece of the fabric under the pin, then when it comes up, poke it though the stem of the boutonniere and out the other side, then poke it under the fabric again (by your left hand, and up through the fabric. Make sure it is nice and secure so it doesn’t fly off at dinner. (A second pin is always a good idea!) Most of all have fun!!!red-rose-w-bb-bout

Kindergarteners come for a field trip!

Today we had a group of adorable kindergarteners come to Dandelions for a field trip. Their curious and inquisitive faces loved all of the smells and new things that they saw. They learned how we clean flowers and make arrangements, toured our large flower cooler, and piled into our delivery vans. Everyone got to choose a flower to take with them when they left.

We have groups of children come in a few times a year to learn about what we do here at Dandelions Flowers as well as to learn about the flowers themselves. We often donate flowers to science classes where they disect the flower to learn about its anatomy. It’s wonderful to share our floral world with the next generation and to watch them as they view our world with wonderment!