History of the Candy Cane

In the 1920’s, Bob McCormack of Bobs Candy began making candy canes as special Christmas treats for his family, friends and local shopkeepers in Albany, Georgia. It was a labor intensive process as the shaping and bending of the candy canes had to be done by hand so production was limited.

In the 1950’s Bob’s brother-in-law, Gregory Keller, a Catholic priest, invented a machine that automated the process and could make hundreds of candy canes at a time. The next generation of McCormacks developed packaging innovations that made it possible to ship the delicate candy and the popularity of the holiday treat grew worldwide.

Candy canes are a popular addition to a variety of Christmas and holiday flower arrangements as a complement to the traditional red and white flowers.  Sending candy canes in a flower bouquet gives the recipient a tasty extra treat in addition to the cheer of recieving flowers.  Many other types of candy can be included in flower arrangements including Euphoria truffles, Lindor chocolates and many other specialty candies.  These can be a great choice for male flower recipients.

FTD Candy Cane Lane BouquetTo help celebrate the history of the Candy Cane, we are featuring a yearly bestseller, the FTD Candy Cane arrangement. This festive Christmas flower arrangement and many others are available at our website www.dandelionsflowers.com.

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